Claytus Hood is a Tower Defense game.

You are invaded by animals that ravage your fields, and you must at all costs eliminate them before they reach their goal.

You'll have to build defense towers in order to eliminate them.

Each time you kill an invader, you win coins that you invest in more powerful defense strategy!

Let's Tower Defense !

Tower Defense level editor tutorials

Tower Defense level editor

Notice to the tower defense level designers !

The tutorial of the tower defense level editor is now available in three languages ! (English, French, Spanish) It will teach you basics about tower defense level creation.

When you finished you level, you can share it with the Claytus TD community. Will you be able to build yourself up a reputation as level designer among Tower Defense community ?

You can create and save 2 levels with a free Claytus account. Draw your path, customize your landscape and tune the enemy waves. Being Premium member, you can save up to 20 levels, you also have access to all of the towers and lots of Premium landscape items and enemies skins.

Tutorials with advanced techniques will be published on our forums. Don't hesitate to share your tips !

News and update about Claytus Tower Defense community

News avatars for Claytus Tower Defense members

Claytus'community is now launched since one month and already counts about 300 registered members. This first month has been dedicated to improving the website and making your experience on the sharing Tower Defense website even more pleasant.

About 20 levels are now available, we're really happy to see that our members are sharing their levels with the community. Very good levels have been shared, some truly hard, some easier... matches everyone's tastes !

We will now add content and goodies each month, to bring new functionalities and contents to the Tower Defense level editor. And an artwork page where you'll be able to download wallpapers will soon be released !

For the beginning of December, let's review what's new on Claytus' community and level editor:

New landscape items for Tower Defense level editor

  • A station, grade crossings and a more complete set of rails have been added to the railroad items kit for Premium members.
  • New avatars have been added, you can now personalize your Claytus Tower Defense avatar in the "Options" section of your profile.
  • Scores are now automatically submited at the end of your game if you're registered : challenge your friends !

Release of Claytus' new website and level editor

High-angle shot of Claytus, rifle on his shoulder

Time for evolution : Claytus Hood Tower Defense goes modern and invests the web with a brand-new website !

No worries : first three levels from the original game are still here, but a bunch of new ones has joined them, to be discovered on the shared levels page.

The main improvement of this new website is the Tower Defense level editor.

You got it right : from now on, after creating a free account, you can design your own levels thanks to a gallery of items that you can place on your scene.

After setting up the stage, you will have to create your own waves of enemies : define their speed, delay, strength...
Finished your level ? You can now choose to share it : it will then be visible and playable by any user of Claytus Hood Tower Defense website.

And we're not done here : other connected players will be able to rate and comment your level, in order to allow you to improve it.

The use of several functionalities and levels is restricted to Premium members : licenses are sold 50% off during beta-testing!

Remember : when you buy a license, you unlock full Claytus Hood Tower Defense content, and contribute financing the game development!

Thanks & have fun !


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